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MPN: SkinPen I Micro Needle
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Bellus Medical

SkinPen 1 Micro Needle Cartridges


Includes: 12 Disposable Micro Needle Cartridges.

* Does NOT include skinpen device

Mfg. Notes:

Advanced Microneedle Cartridge

SkinPen offers the most advanced microneedle cartridge on the market today. This is the differentiator between SkinPen and other technologies. Patient safety is the number one concern at Bellus Medical. Within months of market introduction of SkinPen, Bellus Medical launched the Advanced Microneedle Cartridge, a single-use disposable tip, with these unique features:

•Patented Bio-Sleeve technology to prevent cross-contamination

•Exhaust port to prevent suction and reduce risk of broken capillaries

•12 sterile 32-gauge medical grade steel needles to minimize epidermal destruction and maximize results.

The Bio-Sleeve feature on the SkinPen microneedle cartridge is pivotal to the safety of patients. This component allows you to perform a SkinPen treatment confident that fluids, serums and blood generated during the procedure do not penetrate the cartridge and enter the body of the device, significantly reducing the risk cross contamination.

Our Price: $315.00 box of 12

* Does NOT include Skinpen Microneedling device !