For Sale ALMA 2017 V Shape Ultra Laser - Radio Frequency (RF)

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June 14, 2024
Year of Manufacture: 2017
Warranty: 30 Days
ID# 2219
Alma V Shape Ultra
Mfg. Date: 11/2017
Includes: Ultra Face, Ultra Speed, Pixel RF, UniBody and UniLarge Handpieces, Power Cord, Footswitch, Key, Water Refill Kit and Operators Manual.
Equipment is fully functional, single owner, perfect cosmetic & operating condition, ready for use and available to ship.

Mfg. Notes: Alma’s Proprietary Multiplatform Technology, Offers:
Deep Heating Technology
Effective Dialectric Heating
Powerful Impedance Matching
Control Clinical Outcomes with Focused RF
Cold Shear Wave and Hot Ultrasound Technology

What are Clinicians Saying about Alma V-Shape:
What is the V-Shape Ultra Laser by Alma?
While SculpSure covers a larger area on your body (belly fat, arms, thighs, etc), V-Shape targets hyper-specific areas. Meaning: You can choose the exact spot that you want to destroy fat cells in! What’s more is that it is the most powerful tool for skin tightening and cellulite reduction. This treatment is the first of it’s kind on the market, with patented technology, and FDA approved. THE BEST PART: YOU DON’T FEEL ANY PAIN.

How does the V-Shape work?
The Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra delivers cold shear wave ultrasounds technology directly into whatever your problem area is (and you can get the treatment virtually anywhere!) It goes below your the surface of your skin. The energy from the ultrasound causes the fats cells to rupture, be destroyed, leave forever – whatever you wanna call it!! The radiofrequency technology supercharges the water molecules in your skin, that causes a heating reaction that makes your skin tighter, and more toned. The results are IMMEDIATE.

Does V-Shape Ultra Hurt?
We talked about my experience with SculpSure in a different post, and how it hurt a bit, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It was mostly just discomfort. But the V-Shape?? GIRL, THIS WAS LIKE FLOATING ON A CLOUD INTO A LIFE OF SMOOTHER SKIN. It was like a warm tingly feeling like my skin was falling in love. Love was definitely in the air. Me and my skin. My skin and the V-shape. Me and the V-shape. No pain, all gain, all love for this machine.

How soon can I see results after my V-Shape treatment?
V-Shape treatment result is immediate. Yep, I said it – IMMEDIATE. How insane is that? Not just that, but you should expect to see the better results as time goes on because most of the fat cells take a week or more to fully break down completely and leave your system. Some clients even notice more changes even 2-3 months later! For skin tightening treatments, results usually occur after the first session and every session after, too. Your max results will show about 3-6 months after your last session. That’s because the maximum amount of collagen and elastin will be made in your skin during that time (making your skin tighter, more toned, and younger looking).

How many times do I need to get the V-Shape treatment?
To be clear, the V-Shape Ultra machine does a couple of different miracle treatments. One being Selective fat destruction and reduction, and the second being skin tightening/cellulite reduction. You can combine these two for maximum and super noticeable results (recommended).
For fat cell destruction 1-4 treatments are needed for best results and spaced 2 weeks apart.
Laser cellulite reduction and skin tightening requires between 2 and 10 sessions, also spaced two weeks apart.
IMPORTANT: You should always consult with a professional to understand your body’s needs.

So Umm.. Where Does All The Fat Go?
In both SculpSure and V-Shape, your body starts to break down the fat cells naturally (the same way it would in your daily diet). The short answer: your liver breaks down and flushes out the cells after being carried through your body’s blood and lymphatic system. Then, your body expels the fat cells through your “bathroom time”.

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